Qoucha is animated miniseries which covers issues young adults encounter in their daily life at school, at the street and at home. The miniseries are hugely influenced by our own childhood memories and those of others. With this animation we take fragments from Armenian life that we find aesthetically and morally beautiful and authentic. We also portray the life we experienced as young adults in order to add a nostalgic layer to the animation. This project is exclusive as it focuses on everyday life in Armenia with its issues, prejudices in the society and taboos.The animation is hip rather than didactic in style. It focuses on the social, ethical and cultural problems adolescents encounter while growing up in today’s Armenia. Our main goal is to turn the everyday life in Armenia into a visual story, so that the audience can watch and feel and connect to the story by experiencing nostalgia and warmth. However, the target audience for the miniseries were people living in Armenia with whom the animation closely resonates and leads to some change in the worldview.